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Lior Pinsky

Sound artist, musician

Born in the provincial yet holy city of Jerusalem (1981), Pinsky saw rock bottom when, aged 14, two stolen slices of (not very fresh) bread were taken from him for not eating in the designated place and time at the boarding school he was sent to. 


A decade later, ​on the way to class at the history department of the Hebrew university, he went impulsively into the mythological piano shop Goren Piano's and bought the cheapest piano they had. A week later he took his first music lesson, and after just two months he participated in a recital in front of all the other 10 year old pupils parents. At 2011, he graduated with excellence (Mayor award) from the New Music department at Musrara Interdisciplinary School of Arts, Jerusalem. Ever since, Pinsky is on the search for new aesthetics in sound, stage, ways for contemplation and other interesting things to do.

Pinsky's sound installation uses kinetic elements, physical and digital programming, analog synthesis, sound hacking and acoustics. His experimental ambient tape music is published at Full Body Massage Records, Berlin, and he preforms as the home musician for Yasmeen Godder international dance company. 

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