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Curriculum Vitae

Musical Performance:

2022 - No Tree No Dust, Director and Original Music, Autum Cult Festival, HAZIRA, Jerusalem.

Sound Design and Music for Stage:

2022 - The Soft Hum of the Dial Tone, Director: Ari Teperberg, Israel Festival, Jerusalem. 

2021 - Forest Threshhold, Director: Mica Kupfer, Autum Cult Festival, HAZIRA, Jerusalem.

2021 - Practicing Empathy #3, Yasmeen Godder Company, festival Frankfurter Positionen, Germany.

2020 - Practicing Empathy 2by2, Yasmeen Godder Company, Tanzhaus nrw, Düsseldorf, Germany.

Solo Exhibitions:

2021 - Stimmen in Schichten, Weltecho Gallery, Chemnitz, Germany. 

2017 - Armies and circuses, Hakibutz Gallery, Tel Aviv.

Group Exhibitions:

2020 - Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria.

2017 - Rustling 2, the Jerusalem season of culture. 

2016 - Hivhuv Festival, Jerusalem.

2016 - Rustling, the Jerusalem season of culture. 

2015 - Cell, Hanina Gallery, Tel Aviv.

2015 - Paradise, The Underground Academy of Mamuta, Jerusalem.

2015 - Strata, Barbur Gallery, Jerusalem.

2015 - Happy Birthday, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem.

2014 - Made of Stone, The Roman Plaza Museum, Jerusalem.

2013 - Room 325/Iconophilia, Notra-Dame Center, Jerusalem.

2013 - Wire-Tapping, Barbur Gallery, Jerusalem.

2013 - Musrara Mix Festival, Jerusalem.

2012 - New Music Focus Week at SUNY – State University New York, Oneonta college.

2012 - Its Alive #3, CCA (The Center for Contemporary Art), Tel Aviv.

2012 - Shuttles, Manofim, Jerusalem. 

2011 - Nofim Acustim 2 (Acoustical landscapes), Minshar Gallery, Tel Aviv.

2011 - Shift, Festival for Electronic Art, Basel

Grants and Awards:

2021 - Mifal Ha'Pais Grant.

2019 - Mifal Ha'Pais Grant (with Deraon Olam ensemble)

2015 - Mifal Ha'Pais Grant.

2011 - Mayor Award for Final Project. Musrara Interdisciplinary School of Arts.

Residency Programs:

2021 - Hazira, theater and a production house for performance and contemporary theater, Jerusalem.

2015 - Mamuta Art & Media Center, Jerusalem.

2013 - Apexart Outbound Residency Program, New York City.


Sound designer and Musician at Yasmeen Godder international dance company.

Lecturer for Sound Art and Electronic Music at Musrara Interdisciplinary School of Arts, Jerusalem.

Lecturer for Sound Art at SVT (The School of Visual Theatre), Jerusalem.


Graduate with Excellence (2011 Mayor Award), Musrara school of Arts, Jerusalem.

Graduate with Excellence (2006), The Faculty of Humanities - The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

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