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Galim, Galim

Made by Tom Porat and Lior Pinsky, 2013.

Video: Arik Futterman

Galim, galim is based on the works of the experimental composer Alvin Lucier "Music for Pure Waves, Bass Drums, and Acoustic Pendulums" and "I'm sitting in a room". The installation is build out of orchestral drums played by sine waves and hanging balls, the elements movement is being capture in a CCTV mechanism that feeds itself constantly with its own feedback.

Only Dead Fish - (Live)

Only dead fish

Composition: Lior Pinsky

A piece for E. Horn, B. Trombone, Cello and "Galim, Galim" sound installation (sine waves and drums). 

Performed by Musica Nova Ensemble (Dan Weinstein - Cello, Yoram Lachish - E. Horn, Tal Ben-Rei - B. Trombone, Lior Pinsky - Electronics) @ the Musrara Mix 13 festival, Jerusalem. Musical advisery: Yoni Niv, Dan Weinstein.

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