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Secundarius Perturbationem

Made by Ayala Landow and Lior Pinsky

Curator: Tali Ben Nun, 2014

Video: Tom Porat

"The title of Ayala Landow and Lior Pinsky’s work, “Secundarius Perturbationem” (Latin, “Secondary Misuse”) is a paraphrase on the term “Secondary Use” derived from the world of architecture and archaeology, which refers to the re-use of ancients fragments in later construction. Their collaborative work is based on a disruption represented by the sculptural language, the jumble of old and new, and the jumps along the historical timeline.

The work’s point of departure is the “Ring Parable” from the 18th century play “Nathan the Wise” by Ephraim Lessing. The play, which takes place in the 12th century in Jerusalem, is quoted in the joint work displayed in the 2nd century site. The play addresses notions of tolerance and interfaith understanding, Legacy vs. inheritance, and the appropriation of traditions. In its conclusion, the representatives of the three religions stand before judge who will decide which one of them holds the true ring of faith. His advice “…if each of you / Has had a ring presented by his father / Let each believe his own the real ring.”

A multicultural assimilation and eclectic style laced with oriental folklore conceived human but abstract totems that represent strange aesthetic ideas and create a new sculptural amalgam that undermines classical and hi-tech practices. The sculptures “recite” the parable in Latin, reviving the past sounds of the place. The translation of the text from Hebrew to Latin is in and by itself a re-use/misuse that imports an archaic unspoken language into a contemporary context."

Tali ben nun, 2014.

“Made of Stone”, group exhibition, Curator: Tali Ben Nun. Manofim – the Jerusalem Art Exhibitions Season Opening.

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